Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Men's Shirt Collars

The shirt collar is one of the most important -- and most overlooked -- aspects of men's fashion. Choosing a correct shirt collar involves a common sense judgement of proportions: a smaller shirt collar will suit a smaller man and a larger shirt collar will suit a larger man.

The proper shirt collar will balance the structure of the face by offsetting its most prominent aspects and accenting its diminished ones. For example, a man with a long neck will wear a tall shirt collar.

Let's take a look at some of the most common shirt collars and determine which style is best for you.

Straight Point Collar

The straight point collar is the most basic shirt collar type and can be worn with any jacket. It has a narrow opening between its points and suits a round face

Spread Shirt Collar

The spread shirt collar is the most popular shirt collar and comes in a variety of styles. This shirt collar works especially well for people with narrow or triangular faces and should be worn with a half-windsor or windsor knot. A four-in-hand will look insubstantial.

Club Shirt Collar

The club shirt collar, also called the rounded collar, is a good choice for those with a square, chiseled jaw. The club shirt collar is gaining in popularity and is a stylish choice when paired with a four-in-hand knot -- just make sure its a contrasting shirt collar (i.e. white collar on blue shirt).

Tab Shirt Collar

The tab shirt collar style is best suited to people with long necks as it offers a high rising collar. Tabs fasten to each other, hidden behind the tie's knot, to hold the collar points in place. This forces the tie and collar to thrust upwards under the chin.

Button Down Shirt Collar

The button down shirt collar is an Ivy League staple that looks fantastic when paired with a casual outfit. Never wear this collar with a formal suit or to, say, a wedding, but rather pair it with a tweed jacket and brown loafers. The button down can be found in enough styles to suit most people. Those with wide faces, however, should steer clear of this shirt collar.

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