Friday, April 10, 2009

5 Summer Essentials in Men's Fashion

Spring will soon be over and it's time to start looking towards summer style in men's fashion. Here are so


While the traditional polos are always nice, a more stylish option would be an untucked, square-hemmed dress shirt in light colours. Some key points: it's a long-sleeve shirt and it's slim cut. An ill-fitting, short sleeve dress shirt is going to make you look like a Silicon Valley nerd. You don't want to look like that (I'm guessing), so take your shirt to a tailor and have them make sure it fits snugly around your torso. Then just roll up your sleeves.


A quality pair of slim-fit, white linen pants look great and can be paired with most every shirt (except for a white shirt). Make sure they aren't too long and have no to only a little break -- showing some ankle is acceptable.


Stay away from the sandals and flip-flops this summer. Boat shoes are a great alternative. I prefer Sperry Top Sider boat shoes as they're usually the cleanest, most simple, and most affordable. Wear these sock-less and with pants -- if you're going to wear shorts, then choose a very clean style. Even the one pictured would be too clunky for shorts. For white pants, wear a coloured pair, such as blue or red. With coloured pants, white usually works fine.


This belt from Ralph Lauren works perfectly with a pair of linen pants or chinos and adds a nautical flair to your outfit. For summer belts, this sort of canvas style is usually the best choice. Ralph Lauren really makes the best summer-friendly belts. While I would never spend $125.00 on a belt, you can find similar styles at thrift stores for about $3.00 -- use Ralph Lauren for inspiration.

ITEM #5: BROWLINE SUNGLASSESRay Ban recently released a pair of browline sunglasses and dubbed them Clubmasters, but they're still browlines as far as I'm concerned. Some people hate these, but I think they have a certain 'cold warrior from the 50's' vibe that's always stylish. They're also less ubiquitous than wayfarers. Get a pair with tortoise shell frames and you'll have a relatively unique, stylish pair of sunglasses.

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