Saturday, May 9, 2009

Today In Men's Fashion: Hickey's F/W Collection

Today in men's fashion...

Freeman Hickey, which still makes its clothes in their 100-year-old Rochester, NY factory, released its F/W collection. I would say that, again, Hickey shows why its one of the best American labels out there.

Some pieces that stand out:

First, the coat looks amazing, particularly the lining. Okay, so not many people will get a good view of the lining, but so what? Style is for yourself and you'll know.

But what I really like is the sweater. It's hard to make a sweater so vibrant and so stylish at the same time. Bold colours and patterns often come off as tacky, but this one manages to keep close to the line between interesting and crass without crossing over into the latter.

This shawl cardigan isn't too bulky, but substantial enough to be worn alone on a fall day and offers plenty of potential for layering. The dash of red beneath the collar is also a nice touch.

This reminds me of something you'd wear while gardening or doing yard-work. But doing it really stylishly. The cardigan makes the plaid shirt-jeans combination more exciting. I'm not sure about doing up the top button of the shirt -- it works for this guy, but maybe not for most of us. This also isn't an outfit that can easily be paired with a tie, so tread carefully.

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  1. I like the clothes, but the model is, hmm... disturbing. He looks angry, as though he were saying either "what the %$#& are you looking at?" or "who the %$#& put me in these fancy-pants clothes?"

    I also have to say that I don't care for the pants bunched up, riding above the tops of the boots--but that's "fashion" for you.