Monday, May 4, 2009

Today In Men's Fashion: Opening Ceremony Spring Line

Today in men's fashion...

Opening Ceremony releases the lookbook for their spring collection and I'm definitely liking what I see. Of course, that's usually the case with Opening Ceremony.

Lots of khaki. Lots of Thom Brown-style trousers. Pastels. Layers. Classic spring stuff.

Some highlights:

I love both of these outfits. In particular, the sky blue chinos on the right and the use of brown in a suit that works for spring. Brown suits are under-rated, in my opinion, and it's good to see them done well by OC.

A few interesting things to note.

The top button on the jacket is much higher than has been fashionable over the last few years. It's placed around the sternum rather than around, or just above, the navel. I think in most cases this creates a less elegant torso line, and this case isn't really an exception. Some people could pull this off but I will stick with the longer line.

Also, pants are becoming less fitted. The cycle from overly-baggy to overly-tight pants is a recurring one in the fashion world. It takes about 10 years, maybe a bit longer, to pass from one end of the spectrum to the other. I think that the best place is somewhere just on the side of fitted without being overly tight. Baggy pants look sloppy nearly all the time when worn by men and overly tight pants look ridiculous. It is still important, if one is looking to create a flattering sillhouette, to wear pants that are somewhat slim-fitting.

Finally, short shorts appear to making a bit of a comeback. Again, this is a trend I will not be adopting. Shorts look best when they finish just above the knee. Longer and you risk looking like a surfer, shorter and you look like you're just heading to the gym circa 1975. Avoid both of these looks.

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